27 September 2020

Masterminds - The Cold War EP

This week I revisited the solid debut EP from the New York group Masterminds. It's been 10+ years since I last heard this but it was a great reminder of why there was so much buzz around the release of their debut album in 2000.

20 September 2020

Justin Warfield - My Field Trip To Planet 9

Posting something a bit different today, well not really that different. I was going through some old episodes of the 2 Mex Hologram podcast and I realized how many times he references Justin Warfield so I thought I would check out Justin Warfield's debut album. Featuring production from Justin Warfield, Prince Paul, and QD III it's got an interesting sound that is reminicient of the late golden era and the mid to late 90's underground. If either of those era's are of interest to you then you might enjoy this album.

For those of you wondering what 2 Mex has been up to I just noticed that he's doing something on YouTube called 2 Mex TV. You can check it out here.

13 September 2020

6 September 2020

Ostrich Head - Head In The Ground

Debut album from Ostrich Head. I feel like I used to know a fair amount about this group but when I revisited the album the other day I couldn't remember anything about them. Enjoy.