18 October 2020

Zagu Brown - Above It All

As requested, Above It All from Zagu Brown. This is a rip from the tape version. Shouts out to jmclv who hooked me up with many dope releases back in the day.

11 October 2020

Orko The Sycotik Alien - Avantgarde Talk

Avantgarde Talk is a beat CD released in 1996 by Orko The Sycotik Alien. I believe this is a rip of the re-issue that was released in the early 2000's. The sound quality is not great.

4 October 2020

Live Human - Monostereosis


Monostereosis is the second album from the San Francisco based group Live Human. Live Human is a 3-piece experimental hip-hop ensemble consisting of Albert Mathias (drums), Andrew Kushin (upright bass), and Dj Quest (1200's).