29 November 2020

Mykill Miers - The Second Coming


I've been listening to a bunch of old Wake Up Show tapes lately and it reminded me of how dope Mykill Miers is. Here is his second album from 2001.

22 November 2020

Cheech & Chong - Dazed & Confused


 Cheech & Chong aka Maleko & Optimus Rhymes present Dazed & Confused. Pretty sure I got this from another blog so shouts out to whoever hooked it up.

15 November 2020

Portrait Of A Ghetto Raised Compilation

Cassette rip of the Portrait Of A Ghetto Raised compilation released in 1998. Featuring Fat Jack, Smooth 7, Ganjah K, The Suspects, Abstract Tribe Unique, DK Toon, Volume 10, Dutchman, and more. Something to note this rip has the intro and track 1 combined.

8 November 2020

Dj DS - Independence Day Mix Series


Today's post comes courtesy of Dj DS who hit me up about his Independence Day mix series. I was familiar with his mixes as I had stumbled on them over on the excellent LetTheBrainzBlog site and was happy to post them here. The mix series was inspired by a Twitter thread and I must say has got to be one of the best things inspired by Twitter. If you enjoy these mixes be sure to check out his Mixcloud and the Goes Back To School mix series.


1 November 2020

Omid - 2006 Summer Tour Limited Edition


 As the title states this is a limited edition summer tour CD from 2006. Featuring Aceyalone, Scarub, Very, Voice Watson, Dj Drez, Ellay Khule, Deeskee, and Longevity.