28 February 2021

Metfly - The Legacy


The second solo album from Metfly.

21 February 2021

Yusef Afloat - Hard Times


Unreleased 4-track tape from Yusef Afloat. Shouts out to Jack Devo for originally posting this. R.I.P Yusef Afloat.

Does anyone have a hookup or any info on the Yusef Afloat - Black Tapes release that came out a few years ago on Diggers Vault Records? It doesn't show up on their Bandcamp anymore.

14 February 2021

7 February 2021

Tommy V - Bus Food & Money


As requested more good music from Tommy V.

31 January 2021

Dave Dub & Murs - Man And His Machine 7"

As requested the Dave Dub & Murs split 7" released in 2001 on Sublevel Epidemic Recordings. Does anyone have any info on the producers Adam and Andy from the Murs track? This is one of the early Sublevel 7"s that eluded me when it was released, I was fortunate to find a copy stashed in a random box at Amoeba in S.F a few years later.