15 October 2019

Scarub & Very - Afro Classics

Under the radar album from 2 of the west's most under rated.

3 October 2019

The House List Podcast - Episode 110 Feat. Luke Sick

The House List podcast is back with episode 110 featuring Luke Sick. This is a really great interview that goes deep into the history of one of the Bay Area undergrounds most underrated MCs.

22 September 2019

Megabusive - Cardinal Syntax

As requested, Cardinal Syntax from Megabusive.

15 September 2019

Optimus Rhymes - More Than Meets The Eye

As requested by Nick, the debut tape from one of the dopest people I've had the pleasure of meeting, Optimus Rhymes.

8 September 2019

Bizzart - Bloodshot Mama

Something a bit different today, the Bloodshot Mama album from Bizzart.