20 January 2019

Adlib - Tune In

More good music from Adlib. Enjoy

13 January 2019

Mykill Miers - It's Been A Long Time Coming

Debut solo album from Western Hemisfear member Mykill Miers.Featuring guest spots from Iriscience, AG, Born Allah, Erule, Freddie Foxxx, Planet Asia, and more.

6 January 2019

Underground Fossils Blog

Dimxsk and Trylemma have started up a new blog called Underground Fossils. Based on their first post it's definitely something you should check out. Peep their holy grails request list and see if there is anything you can help them out with.

30 December 2018

Elephant Tracks Compilation

A benefit compilation for the APISA High School Motivational Conference. Featuring music by Rhettmatic, Mountain Brothers, Medusa, KNT, AME, Zion I, 427, Latyrx, Encore, The Visionaries, and more.

23 December 2018

108 - Mission Infinite

I don't have time to make a post this week so I figured I would link to an interesting album I stumbled on from another blog. 108 is not a group I had ever heard of until I stumbled on their Mission Infinite album over on Bringing Real Rap Back. 108 is/was Encore, Grand The Visitor, and Sedric Edwards. From what I can find on Discogs the group only released this one album back in 1996. Enjoy