24 January 2021

Bored Stiff - When Worst Comes To Shove


Check out the new album from Bored Stiff on their Bandcamp.

17 January 2021

10 January 2021

The Battle - Casual x Saafir - A Shomari Smith Short Film

 It was recently brought to my attention that a 25 minute documentary has been released on YouTube of the legendary Casual vs. Saafir battle from 1995 on KMEL. Featuring interviews with the people involved as well as video footage from the studio. I also found some footage posted from the The Kennel Club. Check them out below.

3 January 2021

Beats & Lyrics Compilation Vol. 2

 Beats & Lyrics compilation vol. 2. Featuring tracks from Hieroglyphics, Pharcyde, Casual, Ed O.G, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and more.

27 December 2020

Beats & Lyrics (Industry Hip Hop Compilation: Issue One)

I have been meaning to post this compilation for a while. Most of the songs have appeared on other albums but I remember when this came out, it was one of the first truly great west coast focused compilations. For me the highlight has always been nowyouno by the Living Legends, however Three Emcees with Del, Casual, and Xzibit is a close second.