18 January 2018

Planet Asia EP

Debut EP from Planet Asia back in 1998. 

11 January 2018

Perms Knows What TYME is it

Last year I met an up and coming Canadian MC who was working on an interesting compilation. Perms Knows What TYME is it was released last week by London, Ontario's Perms and features an incredible roster of artists. Featuring raps from Perms, Otherwize, J The Sarge, Myka 9, Mister CR, Cee!!!!!!, Sommervillain, Ellay Khule, Eligh, SirReal, Riddlore, and more. Production is handled by Tape Master Steph, Dj Moves, and sHiN0Bi UkNoW. Check out the Bandcamp for more info.

3 January 2018

Beetbak Tapes

I'm sure most people are already aware but I wanted to bring some attention to the amazing work that the homies from the Bring The Beat Back blog have been doing with their limited edition tape releases. They released 4 tapes in 2017 and from what I understand have some more great releases planned for 2018. Make sure to keep checking their site for updates and great interviews and be sure to keep an eye on their Bandcamp for new limited edition releases.

26 December 2017

Northern Exposure - Madd Skills & Unpaid Bills

Mid 90's group consisting of Anticon members Sole and Moodswing9. This album has been circulating around the blog world for a while, shouts out to whoever the originally poster was.

16 December 2017

Supherb - Backstreet Biographies

I first heard about Supherb when I was record shopping in Vancouver in 2001. I was in a used record store that had one of Vancouver's better DJs working at it and he was aware of my love of the Nonce. While looking through the used bins I stopped on the first Supherb 12" and before I could flip it over he mentioned that it was on Wild West Records and featured some production from the Nonce. 

I've never really been sure how to classify Supherb or this album. He's by no means an amazing rapper and the album isn't great, however he's also not a bad rapper and the album isn't terrible. I revisit this album every couple of years looking for something that stands out about Supherb or the album, and each time I come away with the following realization, I listen to the album for the Nonce beats.

Sounds out to the blog I originally found this album at....unfortunately at this time I don't remember which one it was.